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Serving Nepal Since 1995 AD

We are a plastic manufacturing company for household goods set up in B.S. 2051/52. Our products include mainly Plastic Bath wares like buckets,
mugs, and basins, Kitchenwares like containers, baskets, trays various dustbins with cover, flap, swing, and pedal bins, water bottles, lunch boxes,
thermoware, and a lot more. We have almost 500 types of different plastic household goods to cater to the daily needs of each Nepalese household. We
also manufacture pet preforms, pet jars, and pet bottles which we sell to different manufacturing units and also Export to India.

Company Motto:
Our company is driven by the vision of making the best durable products for all our customers. We want to be market leaders in new product development and ultimate customer satisfaction by giving quality products at affordable prices.

Manufacturing Facility:
We are using the best available machines, molds, and ancillaries right since our inception with modest 2 machines which have now grown up to 40 machines. We have been conscious to make sure that we manufacture the best products by use of best machines and virgin raw materials. For which we are using world-class machines like Milacron, Windsor, Prasad Koch, and world-class raw materials from ExxonMobil, Borouge Pte, Clariant.

Market Watch:
We are among the leaders in giving new products as desired by our consumers and hence we are always focusing on products which will be beneficial to the end-user. We have made conscious efforts to replace imported goods with our products which are good for both consumers and reduce our Import burden. The market is huge for all players but recently there have been many manufacturers entering this market. We are increasing our product range along with improvements in our existing products so as we can maintain steady growth in our segment.

Consumers and Customers:
We have our customer base throughout Nepal and our chain of dealers, sub-dealers, wholesalers, and retailers have been distributing our products thoroughly. Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket and Salesberry are among our esteemed retailers. We have many institutional buyers of our products for sales promotion and packaging purposes, some of them are Asian Biscuits, Kwality Group, Himgiri Soap, United Distributors, etc.


Our Mission

Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. Our mission is to continuously optimize the satisfaction of our consumers through our world class product and services. This, we believe, is the best way to ensure consistent success for our company, shareholders and employees.

Our Vision

The desire for beautiful things is universal. The dedication to enriching life with the brilliance of beauty is rare. Our vision is to be the chosen houseware plastic product of every home across the nation.

Why Choose Us

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Our goods are created from virgin raw materials, enabling us to design and offer BPA-free food-grade items. In addition, all of our raw materials come from reputable providers.

About Us


We use cutting-edge technology and production procedures to guarantee that our goods maintain the same level of durability and quality that our brand has been known for since B.S. 2051/52. Our plant’s ability to achieve and maintain high standards is due to advanced injection molding, PET blowing, and PUF insulated thermoware.

About Us


As one of the best plastic household goods manufacturing companies in Nepal, our range of products is cost-effective and of superior quality. Bagmati Plastic Industries is devoted to providing the correct product to the end client to get the most value for money.

About Us

Nationwide Service

We have our consumer base across Nepal and our system of dealers, sub-dealers, wholesalers, and retailers have been spreading our goods comprehensively.

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