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There are many different types of dustpans available on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your needs. Do you need a small dustpan for quickly sweeping up around the house? Or a big dustpan with a handle;  that can help you clean up big messes

A dustpan is a small, hand-held broom used to sweep up small amounts of dry debris, such as dust, sand, and dirt. Dustpans are often used in combination with a brush or broom.

Most dustpans have a lip that curves downwards, making it easier to pick up debris. The lip also helps to keep the debris from being blown back into the air.

 Some dustpans also have a small compartment for storing the brush or broom. We also have different types of dustpans such as rhino dustpans, easy dustpans, and big dustpans and they also come in vibrant colours. 

This is the best dustpan for maximum pickup, suitable for use with any standard broom, and suitable for use at home, office, indoors, or outdoors. After sweeping, there will be no dust line. It is custom moulded to hug the floor, preventing dust from being swept under the dustpan, keeping your home clean and precious; it lies flat without holding. On ceramic tiles or parquet floors, it sweeps well.